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How do I differentiate my giving to Free to Grow from my normal tithe? 


When giving by check please note in the memo that the giving is for Free to Grow.  There are also Free to Grow envelopes available at the Information Center for both checks and cash and those may be placed in the normal offering.  Online giving can also be made by signing up here.

Do any of the normal tithes and offerings go towards payment of the building loan?

Yes, we have a monthly mortgage payment for the facility loan and a portion of the normal weekly giving is used to make the payment.  However in order to retire the facility loan early we are asking for participation in the Free to Grow stewardship campaign, which will be used to make principle only payments above and beyond the normal monthly mortgage payments.

Will any of the giving for the Free to Grow stewardship campaign be used for facility expansion?

At this time our primary focus is the elimination of the current facility loan.  Once we have paid down the existing debt, we will turn our focus towards fund raising for facility expansion.

How soon are we planning to expand the facility?

The timing of the facility expansion is dependent on our financial ability.  Certainly we have areas of the building that we would like to begin expanding now to better accommodate our continued growth.  Therefore, the sooner we are able to pay down the current loan, the sooner we will be able to begin an expansion.

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