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SATURDAY -  5:30

SUNDAY -  9 & 10:30 




Course cost is $50 and covers all materials for the class and graduation certificate.

Babysitter/Childcare Training for 11-14 yr olds planning to babysit and/or help with Kids Ministry.

             ---         Evaluate an injury to determine how to handle it including how to get help.

             ---         Prevent problem behavior plus how to manage problem behavior situations.

             ---         Keep themselves safe in threatening situations from power failures to prowlers.

             ---         Care for a child’s basic needs including feeding, entertaining, and toileting.

             ---         Establish their own babysitting business.


Contact Rebecca Erickson or Shonda Kooser if you have any questions.

UPCOMING Training Date to be announced!


Classes have a minimum attendance requirement to have the class as well as a maximum number of participants, so prompt registration is appreciated!


Whether your family is thinking about homeschooling or currently homeschooling, we encourage you to connect with a group that fits your interests and schedule to provide support for one another at SOUTHROCK Christian Church.   Check out one of these groups and see where you might begin or conitnue with a Homeschool journey:


    Derby Homeschool Connections is a large co-op of approximately 30 families who gather weekly for co-op (open    

    gym, games, or creative art), field trips, park days, and a few specialized classes.  For more information contact    

    Rebecca Beatty at


    Derby Schole Community is a part of the Schole Groups Network, sponsored by Classical Academic Press. We  

   are a small, focused group intentionally seeking restful, delightful learning together by means of the classical

   model of education. For more information, please contact Crystal Morton:

Family Faith Foundations

Does your child have questions about what it means to be a Christian?

What is baptism? Can I take communion? What are my next steps?

Come for an evening of answering these questions and continuing conversations about the basics of the Christian faith.

You can encourage your child to grow in Christ, come find out more!

Parents and children learning, talking and growing together!

Contact if you would like more information or want to reserve a spot for you and your child!  


Mark your calendars now... more details coming later!

Nursery- 5th Graders

Parents Night Out

Cost: $10 for the first child ($5 for each additional child)

Cash or check payable to the church is accepted prior to the event or at the door


We will be serving Domino’s pizza for dinner at this event.. so if your child has any specific dietary needs, please send an alternative meal for them.


Registration is Full... but you can be added to the waiting list:  HERE

Registration is only open to the first 60 registered kids (please contact us if you are registered, but plans change so we can have as many families participate as we can)


If you have questions about the event or would like to VOLUNTEER, please email

Friday, December 8th, 2017 | 5:30-9:00 | Kid's Wing

next date TBA    |     Kids Church Auditorium


Fellowship and Fun Time for 4th and 5th graders!

Sunday Evenings, 7-8 PM Kids Church Auditorium

       Join us anytime!   No preregistration is required!

BAM "Bible and Me"

Watch for 2018 dates to be announced!

K-5th grade   WEDNESDAY evenings    6:00-7:30 PM   KIDS Church Auditorium

Upcoming Dates to Know

SUPERSTART!  CIY event- February 16th- 17th, 2018

An overnight trip to a conference for 4th and 5th graders in Tulsa, OK. 


Elementary Camps- SUMMER 2018

July 22nd- 27th, 2018 

Kids Christmas Program-

Christmas Program Preparation is underway!!

If your Kindergarten-5th grader has been participating in the Christmas Program practices, the reminaing schedule is as follows: 

Sunday Nov 26th 5-7

Saturday Dec 2nd 8-10 Kids with solos and speaking parts.  All kids 10-12 FULL RUN THROUGHS on the stage

Sun Dec 3rd 5-7 full run through on the stage  

Saturday Dec 9th 8-12 Dress rehearsal all kids

Sunday Dec 10th Performance 6pm.    Kids in costumes and ready to go at 5:30


Contact Jean Garinger 785-220-8403, with questions.    

STARTS AGAIN on January 21st, 2018! 

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