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SATURDAY -  5:30

SUNDAY -  9 & 10:30 



Open Run

Individuals or Teams may compete in these heats.  Results from these heats will be posted online.  Those running in these heats may choose to skip any obstacle without any type of penalty.  Open to any age.

Family Heat

This heat is similar to the Open Run where you may run the race without penalty for skipping an obstacle while still being timed.  This heat is only open to groups that sign up as a "family".  You do not have to all run the race at the same pace or finish together, but we do encourage your family to work together to complete the course.  To register as a family, you can have a maximum of 2 adults (18 and over) but as many children 17 and younger as you like.  However a "family" can only include those in the same household.

Kids Run

These heats will be timed, and are open for children 12 and younger.  The course will be 1/2 mile long and will include 6 obstacles - some of them will have a mud/water focus.  Kids will receive the t-shirt, finishers' medal, and the meal/drink tickets just like the other races.  Parents must sign the participation waiver, and will have to show their driver's license to pick up the child's packet.  


***Children 12 and under are not limited to just this heat.  They may register for any heat they choose, but will need to pay the price associated with that heat.

CIY Heat

This heat is for South Rock Christian Church students and volunteers who will be attending a CIY conference in the summer.  After volunteering for the Mud Run @ the Rock, students can run this heat.  A student MUST be signed up for CIY MIX or MOVE to be able to participate in this heat. (Students may only sign up for this heat with paper registration, not with online registration.)

Hometown Heros Heat

Individuals or Teams may compete in these heats, and will be timed.  Those running in the hometown heroes' race must complete every obstacle, and if they cannot complete one, there will be a timed penalty.  We will take the top 4 place finishers from each service area (Police, Fire, EMS, Military, etc) to determine which service will win the "Mud Run @ the Rock Service Winner's" Trophy!

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