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SATURDAY -  5:30

SUNDAY -  9 & 10:30 


Are you interested in working with pre-teens or teenagers?  Do you love playing dodgeball or staying up for lock-ins?  Would you love to pass along wisdom that you have learned from your lifetime to those who could use it?  And most importantly, would you like to be an instrument God uses to chanse the lives of students?


If so, we would love for you to consider joining our Student Ministry Team.  We have seen God do amazing things in the lives of students!  And while we get to build relationships with some awesome students, God does some pretty amazing things in our lives as well.  We all learn together as we strive to make an IMPACT for the Kingdom of God.


Most of our volunteer positions include teaching small groups.  Sometimes that is the entire lesson, but most of the time it is facilitating groups based on lessons taught by the main teacher (most often the Student Minister).  We also use people who love to cook, know technology, are musical, or who are willing to do odd jobs but would prefer not to teach.


If you are interested in volunteering in the Student Ministry as a Youth Coach, please feel free to email Andy any questions at or call him at 316.788.5503.


Completing the Volunteer Information Packet (which includes a background check) can get you started in the process of becoming a Youth Coach.


You may also read over the Student Ministry Commitment form to see what we expect of our Youth Coaches and pray about your decision.


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Check out these training videos that will help us be at our very best!

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