Welcome to Upward


Upward Sports are Christian based programs that focus on evangelism and outreach while teaching solid sports skills all in an attempt to introduce kids to Jesus through sports.  



Players are given one hour of practice time per week which includes a coach-led devotion period.  Practices are on Mon, Tues, or Thurs and when registering you can pick one of the three that does not work for your player.  We will do our best to accomodate that when placing your child on a team.



Gamedays with Upward are unique and energetic.  We play for 8 Saturdays a season.  Soccer games begin around Labor Day.  Basketball/Cheer begin the first Saturday of January.  We have many various themes and activities to make the experience special.  



Everything wraps up with an awards ceremony to celebrate every player and have a little fun to end the season.  We would love to have you join us!




Ages: 4 yrs old (by 8/31/20) - 6th grade     Cost: $55 by July 17, 2020

First Practices: Week of Aug 17, 2020                                                             

First Game: Sat, Sept 5, 2020

Picture Day: Sat, Sept 12, 2020

Awards: Sat, Oct 31, 2020



REGISTRATION Information - Registraiton opens Jan 1, 2021

Ages: 5 yrs old (8/31/20) - 6th grade      Cost: $55 

We are excited to host our 21st season of Upward Basketball and Cheer! 

Upward is a fantastic opportunity to grow the game of basketball with your player.  From instructional in Kindergarten to more conventional basketball at 5th/6th grade levels every division adds another step to your players development.  All in an environment that seeks to introduce Jesus to your child through sports.

In light of everything going on in the world today we are still coming up with a plan for how to safely operate Upward Basketball.  At this time our plan is to open registration in January, begin practices in February and have games on Saturdays in March and April.

We will have to make several adjustments to our normal formats regarding space available and crowds.  But we are confident that by waiting until the new year we will have the opportunity to put best practices in place to have a safe and fun environment for all families!

2017 Highlight Video




Ages: 5 yrs old (8/31/19) - 6th grade     Cost: $55


Our 21st season of Cheer is coming!  It is always so much fun to see the cheerleaders perform during games, at breaks, and at halftime.  We would love for your child to participate this winter in Upward Cheer!  


Because of everything going on in our world today, we are delaying the start of the season a bit.  We will open registration in January, practices will begin in February and games will be on Saturdays in March and April.


We are looking forward to another exciting season of Upward Cheer!