Welcome - A letter from our Kid's Minister, Shonda Kooser

South Rock Kids is filled with friends and fun while finding God's plan for each of us!  At South Rock Christian Church it is our great privilege to come together as God has called us to...as church and families working with one another to raise up children as modern "spiritual champions" for His glory and honor!


There are many fun and exciting activities that take place every Sunday morning and throughout each week that can help your child get connected to a body of believers and most importantly grow in knowledge and experience through God's Word!


South Rock Kids Ministry (SR Kids) has a place for you!  Just us, as we live, learn, and love in ways for our children to grow in Christ!




Kid's Minister - Shonda Kooser

Email: shondak@southrockchristian.com




Nursery, Preschool Class & Elementary Class



Sunday School for 2 year olds - Preschool & Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Kids Church for 2nd - 5th Graders



Nursery for birth-23 months

Sunday School for 2 year olds-Preschool, 2nd-5th graders (Underground)

Kids Church for Kindergarten-1st Graders



A place to listen and view the sermon on a TV while having an area for parents and their young children

together. This room is connected to a private room for nursing moms as well.



If you are a new family to SRCC, you can streamline your check in process for Kids Ministry by completing the following New Family Visitor’s Form. Just print off the page, and give your completed form to the volunteers at the Kids Ministry Welcome Table. The Welcome Team will assist you from there.


Map of Classrooms

Volunteer Team

God wants you to serve Him.  Maybe it's through working with kids!

Say you are willing to serve, and consider...  there a lot of ways to help out in the Kids Ministry!

Once a month, month on/month off, school year only, summer only, various events... Saturday service or Sunday mornings... how and where will God use you for the sake of the next generation?!!    Come connect!!!

Most adults say they never anticipated growing as much as they do each week while sharing God's Word with kids.  WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!!!


If you would like to talk about what it means to volunteer in SR Kids Ministry and see where you could serve,  please contact Shonda Kooser at shondak@southrockchristian.com or call the office at 316-788.5503


Completing  this form and the background check gets you started in the process to getting connected.


SR KIDS Constant Connections

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Be sure to pick  up a monthly Family Devotional Booklet from the KIDS Welcome Table... contains the bible stories taught each week with questions and scripture to review as a family!!


Email Shonda to receive the  "Kids Ministry Matters" delivered to your email box with all the latest details! 



Family Media Resource Reviews - January 2020


MOVIE-  Dolittle

Genre:: Adventure, Comedy, Family

Rating: Not yet rated

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Emma Thompson, John Cena, Selena Gomez

Synopsis: In Victorian England, an eccentric, widowed veterinarian prefers the company of animal friends—with whom he can talk. But when the queen gets sick, Dr. Dolittle must summon up bravery and sail to a mysterious island to find a cure.

Our Take: This film is a feast for the eyes, with stunning scenery, historic settings, and lifelike animals. It will lead to discussions about God’s wonderful world and the vast range of creatures he made. The movie shows the benefits of venturing outside your comfort zone, but scenes of peril may be too intense for some children.


Title: Citizen of Heaven

Author: Tauren Wells

Synopsis: In his second album, this breakout Christian pop artist offers a dynamic mix of worship songs. His debut album, Hills and Valleys, landed him four Dove Awards, including New Artist of the Year. Before going solo in 2015, Wells fronted the band Royal Tailor and led worship at church. Collaborators on Citizen of Heaven include Kirk Franklin and Rascal Flatts.

Our Take: On ballads as well as upbeat tunes, Wells is a master of catchy and inspiring lyrics. The new single “Close” describes encountering God and listening to his voice, while “Miracle” offers thanks to God for “every mountain that you move” and “what I’ve seen with my own eyes.”

Games, Sites & Apps


Guess in 10

In this series of card games from Skillmatics, players can ask 10  questions to get hints about a certain animal, city, sport, or famous person. Educational as well as fun, the games build problem-solving and communication skills. Each pack costs about $14. Best for ages 6 and up.


Kids Corner: Terrene Episodes

In this ReFrame Media series, “Liz” and his    reptilian middle-school friends have adventures and sometimes get into trouble. From parents and neighbors, they learn about biblical principles and faith-based decision-making. Other “Kids   Corner” programs tell Bible stories.



This much-hyped new streaming service offers loads of content for just $6.99 a month. Material ranges from animated favorites to the “Star Wars” franchise and  original content such as The Mandalorian. Kids can set up their own   profiles, but some users warn that parental controls are lacking.

These suggestions brought to you by Parenting Christian Kids, Group Publishing, are designed to help educate parents and aren't meant to endorse any movie, music, or product. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about what your children watch, read, listen to, and play.