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UPDATED: 6/24/20


Hey South Rock Family,

We are back! We began meeting together for in-person worship on the weekend of June 21st! It was good to be together again. However, there will be a certain degree of COVID-19 restrictions in place for a while. Because of that, we will continue to broadcast our live Sunday morning services to our website each week at 9:00  & 10:30 a.m. You can also go back and watch the recording of the services after the fact. I really appreciate all the encouragement and participation of our church family as we discover new ways to minister. Our staff has been working hard to communicate with you, and we’re continuing to try to include everyone.

We are the church! Not the building, but the people. And the head of the church is Jesus Christ, and he’s still in control. We have a calling, that hasn’t changed. We are called to Love God and Love People. That’s never more important than in times like these.

We’ve made it to the first step, in person worship. We will make it through this, and I’m more convinced than ever that the church will be stronger when we do. Keep praying, serving, worshipping, giving, and encouraging each other. Build those family ties. Contact those people you love, as well as those you need to forgive. Let’s make this a time of growing closer to God in every way, and growing in our earthly relationships as well.

Thank you for checking out this page. Please continue to do it more and more as there is new information every day. Check us out on Facebook (South Rock Christian Church) and Instagram (southrockcc). And, if you don’t currently receive our Wednesday email newsletter, you can easily sign up for that by clicking on the SR News Registration button at the bottom of the Home page.

We continue to pray for you!


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Prayer Requests

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Volunteer to Serve

We will constantly be updating this list of opportunities over the next several weeks.  Click here to let us know you're interested in helping others during this ever-changing time.

Assistance Needed

If you or someone you know needs assistance during this time, please click here to submit the need.